"Cinderella Shattered"


Cinderella meets The Velvet Unicorn.  Cinderella awakens to the Colonial beauty standards that she has been brainwashed into believing.

Bump n Grind - Spring-0167

The routine begins with "pretty" Cinderella. Happily mopping and looking at her reflection in the mirror at how "pretty" she is. She falls asleep and awakens to the reality that she is in. Like a perfect looking doll that dances on a jewelry box, Cinderella realizes that her reality is not what it has appeared to be


Her perfect beautiful dress, her make-up, her blonde hair are all part of the Colonial system that dictates what beauty is. She feels trapped and knows that the only way for her to escape this reality is to dismantle these aspects of herself. She strips off the layers of oppression in an effort to dismantle the Colonial system.

Bump n Grind - Spring-0183

She rips off her wig and smashes the glass slipper. The glass slipper that has been holding her hostage waiting for "Prince Charming" to come and "save" her.

She gladly does the mopping and mops all the make-up off her face !

I dance for Peace. I dance for Love. I dance for Change.

xo The Velvet Unicorn