"Layers of my soul"

Strip Tide-0043

This was the first routine that I ever created and it debuted in April 2016. The physical vessel that I currently occupy is finite but my soul is infinite. Beneath the layers of who you think I am is my authentic self. My physical body could never define my value or worth in this world. I strip off the layers of my conditioned programming to reveal my authentic self.

When my Mother was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer she was devastated when she started loosing her hair. She searched endlessly to try and find a wig that resembled how she used to look. She was terrified of people seeing her without her wig. Her struggle inspired me to connect deeper with myself and wigs. I started experimenting with different looks and embraced the diverse identities that I could embody by just changing my hair.

Although my Mother is no longer physically remaining she is forever spiritually surrounding. I created this routine in honour of her and anyone who has ever had to face a battle with cancer.

I dance for Peace. I dance for Love. I dance for Change.

Xo The Velvet Unicorn