Police State

From No Dakota Access Pipeline (NoDAPL) to the Black Lives Matter movement the overarching message is the same. Who protects the people from the police?

View video from the Toronto Burlesque Festival here

The routine begins with prayer. I pray for the people who have lost loved ones because police officers have abused their power. I pray for the police officers who feel like they are entitled to kill people in the name of oppression.


police gun2

I shoot the audience with my eyes closed until I realize what I am doing. I believe that the people who are committing these horrific human rights violations are "asleep" or unaware of their actions. I put down the gun once I "wake" up.

police gun

When I "wake up" I realize that my penis is really my gun. I believe that the abuse of authoritative power is directly related to sexual repression. When people are sexually repressed their anger and rage is often directed at helpless victims instead of the oppressors.


I hold up an oil covered Canadian flag up at the end of my routine that says "Water is life" as a symbol of the oppression that Indigenous people have endured and continue to endure for protecting their land and clean drinking water. These injustices are still occurring against Indigenous people in Canada in 2019.

I feel like there are numerous similarities between Indigenous rights being violated and Black Lives Matter. On the most fundamental level these groups are having their most basic human rights violated; the right to EXIST. Authority figures are refusing to acknowledge their rights to exist as human beings and instead enable the cycle of oppression/genocide that these groups of individuals have been facing for hundreds of years. Who are the Authority figures serving and protecting? Who protects the people from the police?

As a human being on planet earth I feel like it is my responsibility to take a stand for injustices I see in the world. The targeted killings of Black people must stop. Forcibly removing Indigenous people from their land is a violation of the United Nations Declaration of Rights of Indigenous people (UNDRIP).

Risking clean drinking water for the sake of corporate greed is a threat to HUMANITY. As a human being on planet earth my human vessel is composed of 55-70% water. We dry out as we get older but the one thing that we all NEED to survive is WATER! Water IS life ! Without it humanity would cease to exist. Stand up Speak out. The time is now.

I dance Peace. I dance for Love. I dance for Change.

Xo The Velvet Unicorn