Routine Library

The Velvet Unicorn creates routines that weave together story telling, erotic dance, strip tease and politics into a performance fuelled by INTENTION. The stage is used as a platform to advocate for social justice issues.

**This page is actively being updated. **

"Police State"

This routine was inspired by the global EPIDEMIC of police brutality that people around the world are currently facing.

"Cinderella Shattered"

Cinderella awakens from the haze of Colonial beauty standards that she believed defined her value in the world.

"Layers of my soul"

My physical vessel is finite but my soul is infinite. Beneath the layers of my physical body lies the magnificence of my multi-dimensional soul.

"Escape from Nanking"

Mail order brides. Would you sell yourself for the sake of survival?


"Wounded Warrior"

The wounds that we encounter in the game of life are nothing to be ashamed of. The Velvet Unicorn believes that every challenged she has encountered was carefully tailored to EVOLVE her skill set.